A Question of Perspective

Usually, when I write, my stories are told primarily from the woman’s perspective. Sometimes I have the love interest’s perspective in there, but often not.

What type of romance do you enjoy more, in general? One told entirely from one perspective, one with the perspectives of the budding couple, one with many perspectives?

I can see certain benefits and drawbacks to various viewpoint strategies. Take, for instance, a singular viewpoint (that of the female protagonist as is usually the case in this type of romance). By sticking with a particular viewpoint, like Gwen’s in The Girlfriend Contract, the reader can get really deep into the character’s mind. You are constantly immersed in Gwen’s thoughts and feelings, and (the author hopes) this brings the two of you closer together. When she is happy, you are happy, when she is sad, as are you, and on and on.

A viewpoint strategy like this also helps preserves the mystery of the love interest. And that’s half the fun of a new relationship, isn’t it, figuring out just who this new person is?

Some may also view that as a drawback, or as a deliberate attempt on the part of the author to hide certain aspects of the story. Which it can be construed as, but I feel the benefits outweigh such drawbacks.

A multi-viewpoint story has some benefits as well. The reader gets a more rounded view of the story, and they can often see certain narrative strands coming together this way. It also provides more variety to the story, as the reader can experience the way the main characters feel about events and issues themselves, rather than having these reactions interpreted by a single character.

However, it’s more difficult to maintain airs of mystery in such a story. Do you really want to know right now why Aiden is holding back on a relationship with Gwen? Do you really want to know the exact reason he convinced Gwen to sign the girlfriend contract right now? Or is the suspense of not knowing, of finding out only as fast as Gwen does, making for a more interesting read?

Let me know what you think!

All the best,



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